2018 WWA Championship

 In IL-2018 Results, Tournament Winners

Boat#Team Members PlaceDay 1 Total FishDay 2 Total FishDay 2Day 1 Big FishDay 2 Big FishDay 1 WeightTotal Weight
1Schine, JasenMichniewicz, Eddie1658.045.770.0018.0126.05
3Dunn, KyleAdcock III, Billy26513.99 4.98922.99
9Felling, CaseyWood, Trevor3449.025.585.3613.3122.33
13Greene, JeffMacaluso, Jim4600.007.740.0018.6418.64
12Willis, KevinVolkmar, Keith53514.886.112.9517.83
4Levin, RonKlepacki, Edward (Tony)6138.804.495.084.4913.29
2Ingoglia, NickSpachman, Michael7522.19 0.0011.0513.24
6Zimmer, AnthonyVojak, Bill8500.005.370.0011.4611.46
11McDonald, JamesHosking, Ross9622.15 0.008.1510.30
7Meade, TheresaGoralski, Tiffany10322.185.530.008.0310.21
5Pettibone, SeanGowans, Bill11434.18 0.005.8810.06
8Rehm, RichardRehm, Ross12326.03 4.363.529.55
15Wall, MikeFalkanger, Scott13134.47
14Galladora, BobDams, Al14211.44 0.003.314.75
10Murphy, PeterMastandrea, Tim15002.00 2.7802.00
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