July 13 Green Bay, Oconto, WI – Event Information

 In Tournament Winners

Tournament Registration accompanied with a $20 Late fee will be available at the rules meeting .

Mandatory Rules Meeting:

Saturday July 12th. @ 5PM
Oconto City Hall
1210 Main Street
Oconto, WI 54153

Tournament Boundaries:

North Boundary: Line running East from Rochereau Point (N45 18′ 13.92″, W-87 26’2.436″) to Gills Rock (N45 17′ 38.9724, W-87 1′ 23.0376″)

South Boundary: Line running from Brown County Line (N44 40′ 39.6510″, W-87 59′ 15.5004″) to the Kewaunee County Line (44 40′ 36.8898″, W-87 44′ 11.8026″)

(Click here to download map)


Walleye 15″ Minimum in length, No Cull, No more than 6 fish in possession, Weight your largest 5 fish.

Tournament Day:

Sunday July 13

6AM – Check-in

Oconto Harbor

1302 Harbor Rd
Oconto, WI 54153
7AM – Tournament Takeoff

3PM – Weigh-in / Awards 


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