Jake Becker

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Angler’s Name
Jake Becker
What town do you live in?
Genoa City, Wi
How many seasons have you competed in the World Walleye Association?
How old were you when you started fishing? On what Lake did you get started fishing?
My dad started me very young, long before I even remember
Who was your first hero or mentor in the fishing world?
I would have to say my dad, and grandfather. My dad started my love for the outdoors, and as a kid i used to spend the summers at my grandparents in Hayward, wi
How did you get started tournament fishing? And what made you jump in?
I’ve always had a competitive side, and love fishing so why not combine the two.
What is your bread and butter, go-to tactic on the water?
that depends on the body of water I’m fishing on, I try to be as versatile as I can, but my favorite way to catch walleyes is casting glide baits
Outside of competitive fishing, what do you do for your 9-5 job?
I’m a welder/pipefitter
What accomplishments are you most proud of in the tournament world?
Currently holding the record for most weight in a two day catch, record, release walleye tournament
Other than the Fox Chain, what is your favorite body of water to fish and why?
Bay of Green Bay hands down. It’s big, and has an infinite amount of structure. You can catch giant walleyes doing whatever technique you like best.
Outside of fishing, what are your hobbies? What do you do for fun?
I have a passion for bow hunting deer and waterfowl hunting
What is your favorite tournament moment?
Day one of the AIM Wisconsin state championship catching three walleyes over 30 inches in a row
How big was your best Walleye and what lake did you get it on?
31 inches, Green Bay
Is there anyone you would like to thank that supports your fishing?
David from Fishiding.com
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