Chris Jensen

 In Angler Spotlight, WWA Board
Angler’s Name
Chris Jensen
What town do you live in?
Round Lake, IL
How many seasons have you competed in the World Walleye Association?
How old were you when you started fishing? On what Lake did you get started fishing?
Honestly couldn’t say… my dad got me into fishing at an early enough age that I can’t remember what lake was first.
Who was your first hero or mentor in the fishing world?
Definitely my dad. He’s the one who got me into fishing, then addicted to it. He’a also to blame for the amount of tackle, crankbaits in particular that I own.
How did you get started tournament fishing? And what made you jump in?
Have always been uber-competitive…. fishing has always been a passion of mine. Joe Baron was the one who convinced me to try it out (WWA 2 seasons ago), and I was absolutely addicted to it after.
What is your bread and butter, go-to tactic on the water?
Trolling usually presents a solid opportunity that you’ll be able to get a fish to eat. My favorite way to fish however would be jig and plastics for sure.
Outside of competitive fishing, what do you do for your 9-5 job?
What accomplishments are you most proud of in the tournament world?
Have only been tournament fishing for 2 years (seasons) now, in that short amount of time I’d say my dad and I finishing 3rd in overall TOY this last season.
Other than the Fox Chain, what is your favorite body of water to fish and why?
Tough to say, have had a lot of good times on Winnebago, Green Bay as well. Also have always enjoyed fishing Lake Geneva at night.
Outside of fishing, what are your hobbies? What do you do for fun?
Fishing is by far my favorite hobby, whether open water or one the ice. Outside of that, I’m a huge sports fan. Also enjoy cooking new recipes and learning random useless facts.
What is your favorite tournament moment?
Favorite tournament moment in the short history of doing them, for me would be one from this past season. During the nasty thunderstorm tournament, with about 10mins left to fish, we hooked into what felt to be a very solid fish. Turned out to be an over walleye, our first and only one of the day. After dealing with the storm and conditions, it made for a very gratifying moment for us.
How big was your best Walleye and what lake did you get it on?
About 30.5” and just over 10lbs, caught on the Fox Chain, IL
Is there anyone you would like to thank that supports your fishing?
Definitely my wife, for being so super supportive and patient throughout the tournament season. Whether it be tournaments or time spent on prefish.
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