Qualifier #1 Overview/Rules – Fishdonkey (Catch-Photo-Release)

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WWA Qualifier #1


You must register as you normally would via worldwalleye.com $180/team

You must be current on your 2020 WWA Membership as well $75/angler

If your team is not registered properly, you will be removed from the app and unable to fish

Fishdonkey charges $10 per boat service fee, this is their fee, not the WWA’s fee.

Big Fish Sidepot $20/boat (pays 1st, 2nd, 3rd)

Option Pot (winner take all) $20/boat

NTC Sidepot $50/boat

Paypal to:  payment@worldwalleye.com

Send a follow-up email to info@worldwalleye.com after you pay explaining which sidepots you are entering

Click on your profile and enter both partners names into the name field.

Under FIRST NAME: Enter full name of partner 1

Under LAST NAME: Enter full name of parter 2

WWA Rules Associated To FishDonkey CRR Format

This will be a “truck and trailer” style event.  To limit gatherings, you may launch your boat anywhere on the chain.

The app will not allow you to enter a fish or do anything until 7am. 

Promptly @ 7am you will submit a video of your livewells, vessel walk around showing your entire boat and no lines in the water and proof your partner is in your boat.  Once submitted, you can start fishing.

Every catch will require 2 images and a release video to count.  Each fish must be pictured LEFT EYE UP, belly facing person bumping fish, nose clearly touching bump, mouth closed, gills unobstructed, no fingers in mouth or gills, tail pinched with tail clearly visible on measure increment. The entire bump board needs to be visible in each photo, not just the part that fish is on.  Next image is a hero shot holding the opposite side of the fish to the camera.  The same angler bumping the fish should hold the fish’s head in the LEFT hand and tail in the RIGHT hand so the opposite of the fish can be viewed by officials.  Last is a video of the release of the fish.

The app will auto-cull your 6 fish creel to create your 6 biggest fish.

We will have a virtual rules meeting on FB Live Saturday night before first event.

You must use a JUDGE bump board, WWA has them available for $35 if you don’t have one.

Fish recording will be to the next .25” on the app. Example: 20” walleye on bump board is entered as 20.25 in the Fish Donkey App. 

Tournament officials will convert length to weights based on matrix we will publish online. 

Tournament officials will be reviewing and adjusting any incorrectly entered fish.

Tail must touch 14” line to qualify, but is entered as 14.25″

No possession of fish is permitted, this is a Catch, Record, Release format.

Slot (18”-24”) fish are permitted under this format

All creels will be reviewed, boat/livewell videos will be inspected and we will publish official results on Facebook and worldwalleye.com.  Checks, sidepot winnings and plaques will be mailed out to the teams.


*If their happens to be a tie of two or more teams with same length fish in their final creel, since we are not weighing fish, first tiebreaker will be the most number of verified fish entered in app, second tie breaker will be most total inches of all fish verified, third tie breaker we will enter teams into random.org and accept result. This process will be recorded for authenticity.

All standard WWA rules for 2020 apply unless they are superseded by CRR format outlined above​.

 If you have problems with the app contact one of the officials below

Mike Baron (off the water)  224-249-2226

Kyle Dunn  847-505-8558

Casey Felling 847-275-5723

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