Joe Baron

 In Angler Spotlight

Joe Baron – WWA Board Member, 2017-2019
Hawthorn Woods, IL

# years fishing WWA:
16 Years… wow, seems like only a few.

1. How old were you when you started fishing and what Lake did you get started fishing?
I started fishing when I was very young, maybe 5. My earliest fishing memory was fishing off a pier on the Fox Rive in McHenry.
2. Who was your first hero or mentor in the fishing world?
My hero was Babe Winkelman at a young age. The real heros would be my mom and dad who introduced me to fishing. I have great memories of day trips to Deep Lake with my dad and brother. Also awesom memories of fishing the Fox River off a pier with my mom (pic above).
3. How did you get started tournament fishing? And what made you jump in?
Brian Wilson and I fished a Bass tournament on Lake Geneva on a whim….. Took second place and I was hooked on tournament fishing ever since.
4. What is your bread and butter, go-to tactic on the water?
I love pitching jigs but I would have to say that trolling is the butter on my bread.
5. Outside of competitive fishing, what do you do for your 9-5 job?
Who has a 9-5 job these days??? I have been in manufacturing my whole professional career. For the past three years I have been leading the startup of a manufacturing company in Elk Grove Village, IL. We supply the aerospace industry with electrical connector pins and sockets, currently working on large projects for Boeing and Air Bus.
6. What accomplishments are you most proud of in the tournament world?
My first tournaments win with my son. I will never forget boating the 26” kicker walleye that wrapped it up for us. We had been stuck giving five 14” to 18” fish a ride in the livewell for hours.
7. Other than the Fox Chain, what is your favorite body of water to fish and why?
I like fishing Green Bay because of the quality of the Walleye.
8. Outside of fishing, what are your hobbies? What do you do for fun?
Other than fishing, I love spending time with my wife, family and friends. I also enjoy cooking, trying to perfect the wood fired pizza and honing my bread making skills.
9. What is your favorite tournament moment?
Making the right decision, started the day off trolling, beat it to death till close to 1PM with only shorts and maybe a slot fish to show for it. We switched gears to rigging an area and were able to bring 6 in. Not enough for a check, but close.
10. How big was your best Walleye and what lake did you get it on?
Personal best walleye was 32-1/4” 12.25 Lbs from the north end of Little Bay De Noc.
11. Do you have any sponsors or special people you would like to thank that support your fishing?
I would like to thank my wife Lisa #BEST WIFE EVER!

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