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WWA Catch-Photo-Release Rules

Fish Recording Process

  • All fish must be recorded on a Judge bump board.  WWA has them for sale if you don’t have one
  • Every catch will require 2 images AND a release video to count.  Each fish must be pictured LEFT EYE UP, belly facing person bumping fish, nose clearly touching bump, mouth closed, gills unobstructed, no fingers in mouth or gills, tail fully pinched with tail clearly visible on graduation line. The entire bump board needs to be visible in each photo, not just the part that fish is on.  Next image is a hero shot holding the opposite side of the fish to the camera.  The same angler bumping the fish should hold the fish’s head in the LEFT hand and tail in the RIGHT hand so the opposite side of the fish can be viewed by officials.  Right eye to the camera for the hero shot.  Last is a video of the release of the fish.
  • Fish submitted with hands or fingers in the mouth or gills will be disqualified.  Left eye must be visible. 
  • Only a UNIQUE Walleye, Sauger, or Saugeye may be processed and scored.  A UNIQUE fish by WWA definition is one that has just been caught using legal fishing methods, recorded, and released.  Any discrepancies in the UNIQUENESS of a fish will cause a team to be subject to further investigation and ultimately to a voice analysis or polygraph test.
  • No possession of fish is permitted, this is a Catch, Record, Release format.
  • Fish measuring 18”-24” are not allowed to be scored using this format as voted on by the members
  • Tail of fish must touch 14” line to meet the minimum length. 
  • The partners agree on the length of the fish to 1/4th inch accuracy. If the tail fin touches or crosses a graduation line on the ruler, the official length of the fish for scoring purposes may be lengthened to the next one quarter (1/4th) of an inch line on the ruler.  A 14” fish should be entered as 14.25”.  A 17.875” fish should be entered as 18” but fully pinched tail must not touch 18” line or it will be disqualified.  Tail must touch 24” line to qualify. 
  • Take as many photos of each fish as you want. 
  • Teams must record the length of each fish as well as the weight conversion using the table provided. 
  • Teams are to circle the fish they want scored, enter the total weight and submit their Official Scorecard to officials at the weigh-in when they turn in their boat cards.
  • In the event a photo that designates a fish to be scored is judged to be unscorable, a replacement fish will not be allowed.  That fish will be disqualified.
  • In the event that TWO (or more) photos that designate fish to be scored are judged to be unscorable, the team will lose all weight for the day and result in a disqualification.
  • Fish without a valid release video will be judged to be unscorable and subject to rules above
  • The last image on your SD Card should be your final Official Scorecard.  This is optional, but highly recommended as a backup encase your scorecard gets wet or is missing

All other WWA rules established for 2020 apply where not superseded by CPR rules

If you have questions or problems, contact one of the officials below

Mike Baron (off the water on tournament day)  224-249-2226

Kyle Dunn  847-505-8558

Casey Felling 847-275-5723 

Chris Jensen 224-944-9502

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