2023 Membership Registration is OPEN

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2023 Membership portion of registration is OPEN  

All anglers that fish in the WWA tournament series are required to become members. Please signup now.

The WWA has a new partner for 2023 and beyond. The Fishing Chaos app will be our registration and tournament scoring software platform. Some incredible functions are available for all involved with this app and it will make our overall tournament experience better.

1. Download the Fishing Chaos App

Apple:  Click Here

Android:  Click Here

2. Watch the video attached for instructions on how to download, register for an account and to signup for your 2023 WWA Membership. Turn your volume on.

3. When you get to the “Fish Wrangler” option, see attached image for benefits should you elect to pay a fixed fee for app transactions for the year.

4. That’s it

Lots more to come including Qualifier Registration date announcement, additional sponsor announcements,  additional Fishing Chaos App functions and benefits videos, along with some highlights to look forward to this season!!

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