2015 Registration

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2015 Registration for Qualifiers and the 2014 Championship is now open!


Team registering for a minimum of 4 qualifying events up front will receive a guaranteed take off spot for the season in order or received registration.

Championship teams must register by April 1st. to guarantee their spot. After April 1 the un-confirmed spot will become available to the next team in line based on point earned in the 2014 season.

2015 Qualifier Registration (Click Here)
2014 Championship Registration (Click Here)

Congratulations to the below teams for qualifying for the championship.

Place Team# Team Members
1 107 Lincoln Buchanan Jeff Greene
2 126 Billy Adcock Adam Ware
3 102 James McDonald Ross Hosking
4 117 Ed Michniewicz Jasen Shine
5 101 Edward Klepacki James Miller
6 106 Don Permainian Mike Baron
7 119 Ron Levin Nick Ingoglia
8 114 Marc Dunn Bill Adcock
9 103 Bradley Mikeska Jake Becker
10 109 Anthony Ingoglia Michael Spachman
11 118 Kevin Willis Keith Volkmar
12 121 Bill Damron Tim Andrews
13 123 Bob Galladora Al Dams
14 111 James Steiskal Robert Schaefer
15 131 Brian Wilson Bruce Cobb
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