[swiftsign swift_form_id=”SWIFTFORMIDHERE”]I, [swift_name size=”medium”], and YOURCOMPANYHERE agree to the following awesome text:

  1. Penguins are cute
  2. Dolphins are fun
  3. Great whites are not cute.
  4. Replace this area with whatever you want agreement on.

Conditional / Branching Logic Example here:

Do you like cats?¬†[swift_radio name=”likecats” options=”yes, no”][swift_showhide default=”hide” trigger=”likecats” value=”yes”]What’s your favorite type of cat? (Notice this question only shows if you click yes to liking cats.)
[swift_circleword name=”catfavorite” options=”calico, siamese, tiger, lynx”][/swift_showhide][swiftsignature]Signed and agreed on this¬†[swift_date_long].
Addendum A:
[swift_initials] I also warrant I am not a great white shark.
Primary Email: [swift_email name=”email” required][swift_button][/swiftsign]

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