Step 1 - 2021 WWA Open North vs South Liability Waiver




(Please read carefully before signing)

Participant agreement:

I, , understand that this is a professional sporting event governed by rules which have been disclosed to me by tournament organizers. I acknowledge that I have received a copy of these rules and that the rules relate to the safety of all participants as well as the fair and sporting conduct of this event. The tournament director shall act as the referee in all disputes and his/her decision based on that officials interpretation of the rules will be final and without legal appeal.

Photo and video release:

As a participant in the WWA tournament(s), I understand and agree that photographs or video(s) of me may be taken during the course of my participation in the tournament by the tournament organizers, sponsors, or media. As a voluntary participant in the WWA I agree that all photographs, film or video taken of me, my name, boat and or vehicle taken in connection with any WWA event is the property of the WWA and may be used by the WWA, its sponsors, organizers, and the media without prior consent or royalties.

Release of Liability:

I acknowledge that I am voluntarily participating in the WWA tournament(s). I am aware that my participation listed on my entry form and on the championship form, should I qualify, creates the risk of my serious personal injury, including the potential for permanent paralysis or death and destruction. My participation could also lead to loss or damage to my personal property. I expressly agree to assume all risk of injury and death and loss to personal property which may result from my participation in these fishing tournaments. In exchange for being permitted to participate in the WWA tournaments, I hereby release and discharge the World Walleye Association (WWA), it’s parent company World Walleye Association Inc., their officers, employees, sponsors, agents and legal representatives (the Released Parties) from any and all liabilities, costs, claims, damages, injuries, and demands related to or incurred while competing in a WWA event. Including, but not limited to, any claim I or my heirs may have for loss, personal injury or casualty of any kind, injuries, damages or any loss sustained by me caused by the negligence or strict liability of the released parties. We further agree not to sue or hold responsible the WWA for any damages, liabilities, injuries, or deaths incurred due to acts of nature, or negligence on the part of ourselves, other contestants, or the general public. I warrant that I am in good physical and mental health and am physically capable of withstanding the rigors and requirements of tournament fishing competitions.

I have read the participant agreement, photo and video release and Release of Liability carefully and understand all of its terms and conditions. In signing this document and by my presence at the event or events, I hereby agree to be bound by and comply with all tournament rules, participant release of liability and safety regulations. I certify that I now have, or will obtain prior to the event, property damage/watercraft liability insurance having reasonable limits. Upon request, I will provide satisfactory evidence of said insurance covering the dates of the events. I further agree and understand that the tournament officials reserve the right to reject my entry or application for any reason what so ever and am currently a member in good standing with the WWA. The participant signifies by his/her signature below that they have read and understand the above provisions. This waiver replaces any previous release.

Rules Acknowledgment:

I acknowledge that I have read and understand the 2020 Open Official Rules


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