2020 Open, 6 Fish 17.88lbs

 In 2020 Results, Results, Tournament Winners
Boat#Team Members PlaceTotal FishTotal Wt.Big FishPlace Pts.Total Pts.
3Joe BaronBoyd Jensen1617.884.69400430
7Bill DamronJason Schine2314.825.75398413
9Billy Adcock IIIWyatt Adcock348.88 400420
1Jon TisoRobert Tiso436.603.63394409
6Brian MazurTony Bobbin511.941.94392397
4Kyle DunnJonathan Munda611.851.85390395
8Casey FellingTrevor Wood711.381.38388393
2Chris JensenTayler Jensen800.000.000100
5James SteiskalJacob Steiskal900.000.000100
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