2020 Championship Purse Breakdown

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2020 was a year we will all never forget and for some it will be a year they can’t wait to forget. The WWA Board of Directors faced many obstacles while trying to navigate the ever-changing landscape COVID-19 presented. We were forced to completely change our schedule, implement a CPR format with limited practice, navigate unprecedently low turnout and deal with other challenges. It wasn’t a Picaso, but we all worked together, made the best of the difficult situation and found the outlet we all desperately needed during this crazy year.

In the fall of 2019, the WWA membership voted to move the championship to the end of the season versus mid-June the following year. Long term, this is a win for the WWA membership. This will better align us with the fiscal schedule of the majority of our potential sponsors and also provide an exciting conclusion to each season. This will also open up prime dates in June for Qualifiers. As a result of this vote, it caused the WWA to support two championships in 2020.

COVID-19 closed the doors to many of our sponsorship opportunities, including our primary Championship sponsor, BRP/Evinrude, who closed the doors permanently on a 113 year old marine stalwart.Please consider that the WWA purchased 2 kicker motors for the 2019 Championship when BRP/Evinrude was no longer an option, tightening the strings on our overall purse for a 2020 Championship. The WWA Board has exhausted all resources in an attempt to secure outside sponsorship for the 2020 Championship prize pool. Companies are simply not committing marketing dollars until the future is more clear.

With all that being said, attached is a competitive purse that the board agreed to front-load considering the size of the purse for the 2020 Championship. Thank you for fishing with us through this challenging year and we look forward to an exciting finish to our season.

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