World Walleye Association 2019 Regulations

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2019 WWA Regulations 


Standard Communication With Members
All communication, outside of tournament hours, from the Board of the World Walleye Association (WWA), is via the WWA Facebook page. Communication can include, but is not limited to, changes in tournament start or end times, tournament cancellation or reschedules, important registration deadlines, eligibility for Championship or Cabela’s/Bass Pro Shops NTC spots, dates of rules meetings, or special tournament rule changes. It is the responsibility of anglers fishing in WWA events to monitor the WWA Facebook page to stay up to date. 

Tournament Fees
All anglers pay annual membership fees for the WWA and The Walleye Federation (TWF) of $35 and $40, respectively (Total of $78, including processing fees). Entry fees are $186 per team (includes processing fees), which includes big fish payout. Payouts are 85% with 10% of every entry fee withheld for the championship. Entrees will be accepted on a first come, first served basis until the event is full (60 boats). The WWA may accept up to 10% overbooking for any tournament with the exception of special events. No refund or credit will be extended to teams that choose not to fish due to inclement weather or unforeseen circumstances except as approved by tournament officials. 

TWF Sidepots
Sidepots are a voluntary option in each Qualifier Tournament, providing an opportunity for a team to win a paid entry to Cabela’s NTC. There must be at least 10 teams registered for a sidepot to be eligible. A $50 entry per boat is required and boats must be registered online on the TWF website by 4pm the day before a Qualifier Tournament. If there aren’t 10 entries for a particular tournament, the entry money can be rolled to the next tournament or refunded by the TWF. 

Early Bird Sign Ups
Each team that signs up and prepays for all 5 Qualifiers, will lock in their take off position, based on when online payment is received, for the entire season. Any mailed prepayments will be registered at 11pm the first eligible online signup day or at 11pm the day received, whichever is later. All boats that sign up for an individual tournament by 5pm Tuesday prior to a tournament, will get a take-off number, based on a random drawing prior to that tournament. Any teams signing up after 5pm on Tuesday will be assigned a take-off number in order received. The previous years’ Team of the Year (TOTY) will automatically be boat number one throughout the season. 

Payments made by mail or through our website at must be received no later than 5 days prior to an event (i.e. 5pm on Tuesday prior to a Sunday Qualifier). WWA online registration includes a processing fee. Late payments may be made up to the night prior to an event and must be cash only, no checks or credit cards accepted; teams will incur a $40 late payment fee with no exceptions made. However, as the TWF membership fees have to be processed online by the WWA, it is important to pay for these at the beginning of the season, or at least 5 days prior to an event. 

The WWA reserves the right to refuse entry or participation to any team or team member. Reasons include but not limited to: suspension, disqualification or a ban from another tournament series, violation of game, local, federal or state regulations and laws and unsportsmanlike or criminal behavior. Participants will conduct themselves in a sportsmanlike manner at all times; any unfavorable conduct by a participant may result in disqualification (DQ) or rejection of entry Anglers must be presentable with no tobacco, alcohol or undesirable attire being worn while on stage. All boats are required and agree to carry a minimum of $100,000.00 liability insurance on any boat operated during a WWA event. Any person under the age of 18 must be teamed with a parent or guardian. 

Each team may consist of up to three team members (two per event). Teams do not need to declare a third team member until needed. However, as the TWF membership fees have to be processed online by the WWA, it is important to pay for these at the beginning of the season, or at least 5 days prior to an event. No member may fish on more than one team; any request for partner substitutions other than the three-person team is at the discretion of tournament officials. Should a team member split off and form a new team, the new team will start with zero points and the accumulated points will stay with the original team. The original team will then be a two-person team for the balance of the season without the ability to add a substitute. Should the original team decide to split and form new teams, the new teams will start with zero points or should they split and become part of existing teams, those teams’ points will zero out. The first person listed on the entry from will be declared the team leader and main contact for the WWA. 

Teams earn points, which are awarded from each qualifier tournament fished. Teams’ top 4 scores will be used to determine points and standings. The team with the highest point total will be awarded “Team of the Year” prizes. Points are distributed to teams and may not be transferred in the event of partner changes. Points are awarded as follows: 400 points to the 1st place team, Points decrease in two-point increments by place of finish for teams weighing fish. 5 points will also be added for each fish weighed. Entered teams that do not weigh fish are awarded 100 show points. Should a team get a DQ, they will lose all points for the event. 

In case of a tie, positions will be determined as follows: 1. Most number of legal fish weighed at event. 2. Most legal fish weighed to date. 3. Any other means selected by tournament officials. 

Boat Inspection, Motor and Safety Equipment
Inspections will take place at the launch area beginning 1-hour prior to take off. All teams must have their compartments open and are responsible for making sure they are inspected and have receive a boat card. All teams fishing the tournament are required to have an identifying ribbon attached to the front of the boat. Any boat entering into competition without first being inspected may be disqualified. Any boat not inspected and checked in prior to 6:45 am, will have to be inspected after the 7:00 am take off is complete. All tournament boats are required by law to have in their possession Coast Guard and state/local/federal required safety equipment and be in proper working order. In addition, a functioning bilge pump or bailing device is required. Contestants must wear a coast guard approved PDF and use the engine safety stop switch at all times while the main engine is operated above trolling speed. Tournament boats may be inspected at any time for compliance. 

Take off and Return
Send-off begins at 7:00 am and all boats are due back within site of the Timekeeper by 3:10 pm unless otherwise stated. Under no circumstances may any contestant have a line in the water after 3:00 pm; doing so would result in a DQ for the day. Boats must line up prior to take off and will be sent out in order starting with boat #1 with each boat showing their boat card when their number is called. Any boat leaving before being called may result in a DQ. 

Boat Check In
Check in will be located within site of the takeoff location. Boats must check in and return their boat card to the bump master regardless of whether they have fish to weigh or not. Boats not returning their boat card prior to the end of weigh in may result in a forfeit of show points and or placement points. Teams that are up to five minutes late will lose 1/2 of their weight; teams five minutes, or more, late will lose all of their weight but will retain show points. 

Tournament boundaries for the Fox Chain of Lakes are from the IL / WI Border in the North Fox River, to the Algonquin Dam in the South Fox River and includes all navigable water in-between. Any restricted fishing areas will be announced prior to take off on the morning of the tournament. Boats must remain in tournament waters at all times during tournament days. 

Contestant Regulations
Contestants may use up to three rods per angler, with a combination of no more than four baits or lures in total per angler unless further restricted by state and local regulations. All contestants must possess a valid fishing license for the state/states fished along with a valid WWA membership. WWA memberships are not required for the Youth/Family days. Contestants are responsible for notifying the Bump Master if they have a big fish to weigh and will choose which fish is to be weighed. Only fish caught on hook and line in a normal and usual manner will be accepted. All fish must be kept in aerated live wells. Any fish mauled, frozen, injected, showing white gills or soft flesh may result in a DQ at the discretion of the tournament official. Any team violating a state regulation may be disqualified.  Consumption or possession of alcoholic beverages or Illegal drugs (other than those purchased over the counter or prescribed by a physician) is strictly prohibited during tournament hours. In the day prior to the start of any tournament, WWA participants may no longer be fishing and must be off the water or within site of the boat launch by 5pm local time. Both competitors must remain in the boat at all times except in case of dire emergency if they wish their fish to be counted for the day. In the case of an emergency or break down in which anglers are not able to return to the weigh in, anglers must contact the tournament officials. Arriving late because of offering assistance or of breakdown is still late and all penalties apply. Sharing of fishing information with other contestants during tournament hours is strictly prohibited. 

At least one person from each team must be present for one mandatory rules and safety meeting prior to fishing in an event. There will be one meeting scheduled well before the start of the season and meetings scheduled every evening prior to an event at 5:00 pm. These meetings will be held at the Port of Blarney unless otherwise communicated on the WWA Facebook or Web page. Late registrations will be taken after the meetings. In the case that you are unable to attend, other arrangements must be made with tournament officials. All members must sign an annual release form prior to fishing in an event. 

Fish Regulations
Walleye, sauger and saugeye are permitted where allowed by state or local laws unless otherwise stated. Teams will weigh their 6 best fish with a length determined by local state regulations with a length not under 14”. There may not be more than 6 fish in a contestant’s live well at any time. Any variation from size or bag limits may result in a DQ. The Fox Chain has a protected slot limit of 18” to 24” and these fish must be released. The official ruler of the WWA is the Judge; measuring of fish on any other ruler may not be a true measurement and may result in the contestants’ disqualification. Measuring of fish will be done in accordance with the American Fisheries Society standards; mouth closed, and the tail pinched. A legal 14” fish must touch the 14” line, A fish that touches the 18” line is considered in the protected slot and must be released and a 24” fish must extend beyond the 24” line. The Bump Master’s decision is final. 

Penalty Weights
All WWA tournaments will be conducted as “catch and release” unless otherwise required by state or local law. Teams are allowed to cull unless otherwise restricted by local regulations. A 0.2 tenths penalty will be assessed to each fish deemed un-releasable. To be deemed releasable, a fish must be able to swim and maintain itself in a normal upright position. The WWA recommends the use of live well additives to promote a healthy release and the use of ice to cool live well water during warm weather days. Tournament officials shall have the sole authority for accessing penalty points. 

Disqualification (DQ)
Teams disqualified (DQ) from an event will lose all of their points for the event, including participation points. Tournament Officials can DQ a team for any violation of the regulations, such as (but not limited to): Unfavorable conduct in a tournament, having a line in the water after the end of tournament hours, leaving the takeoff early or prior to your boat number being called, bringing a fish to the scale that appears altered, exceeding the bag limit, having a fish that is outside of the length regulations, refusal to submit to or pass a polygraph test, or being given a ticket or citation from any law enforcement agency during tournament hours. 

Any tournament official or participant has a right to protest another team. An official written protest must accompany a $200 fee and be made with a tournament official within 10 minutes of completion of weigh in. A protest committee will be formed and will consist of the 1st, 5th and 10th place teams for the event unless they are involved in the protest. Should one of these teams be involved, the next place down will be the replacement team. Following interviews with concerned parties, a ruling will be made and the fee will be returned if the protest is found valid.  All participants agree to a polygraph test if they are requested and interpretation of any truth verification test shall be at the sole discretion of the tournament officials. Refusal to submit to or failure to pass will result in a DQ. Tournament Officials shall act as the referee in all disputes and his decision based on his interpretation of the rules will be final and without legal appeal. 

Communication Devices
The use of any communication device other than in emergency situations is prohibited. Marine Band radios are encouraged; boats with marine band radios will tune to channel 72 for announcements and the National Anthem. After take-off, only emergency channel 16 may be monitored.  Cell phones and any other communication devices must be turned off during tournament hours, but may be used for safety or emergency calls to Tournament Officials. Text messaging and any other form of mobile device communication is also prohibited without prior approval from the Director. Any variation from this rule may result in a disqualification. 

Contestants may not leave their boats during tournament hours except with approval of the tournament director or during severe or unsafe weather. In the event of a thunderstorm, lightning and severe weather or unsafe conditions, contestants may pull into the nearest shoreline and seek shelter until it is safe to continue fishing. Tournament fishing hours may be shortened or canceled due to weather or unforeseen circumstances at the Tournament Official’s discretion. 

The awards ceremony will take place approximately one-half hour after the weigh-in. Tournament Officials will interpret rules and regulations according to the spirit and intent of the rule and the decision in all disputes is final. All other rules or regulations will revert to the standard policy of the WWA. 


Any team(s) participating in any WWA events may be subject to an independent polygraph test or voice stress analysis at the discretion of the Board of Directors.  Failure of this test will result in disqualification, as well as lifetime ban from any future WWA events.






If this team member attended a rules meeting: 


WWA Representative______________________________Rules Meeting Date_____________ 

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