Welcome to 2019 WWA Membership Registration

Membership registration will be a 2 part process.  At the completion of each step, you will be automatically sent to the next step of the registration.  This is to assure we receive a 2019 Liability Waiver from EVERY angler competing in 2019.


Step 1:  Submit 2019 Liability Form
Step 2:  Submit 2019 WWA Membership and Pay Corresponding Fees

*Note: Once your have completed and submitted payment, the WWA will sign you up with the The Walleye Federation.  Activation with TWF can take up to 10 days, so plan accordingly.  You will receive a welcome email from TWF with your membership card.

**Also, every angler that competes in 2019 will be required to sign a IRS form W9 and turn it into the board prior to fishing any events.  The board will be keeping a record of this and will reference prior to launching each tournament morning.  To be clear, you will not be permitted to fish without this form on file. These forms will only be submitted to the IRS if you exceed $600 in winnings this season.  We will have forms available at the meeting prior to first event and at the launch check-in.  If you would like to fill out a form now and bring it to the meeting, you can do so [HERE]



To begin registration  [CLICK HERE]



If you have problems with submission email cfelling@gmail.com

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